Team events

Learn the basics of DJing in an inclusive, beginner-friendly environment. Perfect for colleagues wanting an exciting and original team-building experience. Make an enquiry for your workplace at your nearest Pirate Studios site today.

What to expect from your team-building experience

  • On arrival
  • During the session
  • After the session

On arrival

We suggest all participants arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time. No preparation is necessary, we're used to working with people who have zero DJing experience.

Free parking is available at most locations, but we'll confirm availability once the session is booked.

During the session

We recommend a two-hour experience as this will comfortably allow all attendees to enjoy a decent amount of time on the equipment, however, we can change this to suit your needs.  

We expect most participants to be beat-matching by the end of the session. For those that pick up the skills quickly, they can enjoy a tutor-free experience in another studio.

After the session
We'll debrief with a reflection, and share some ideas on how they can take their DJ journey further, should anyone now have the bug! We'll then say our goodbyes.

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