Level: Beginner (suitable for those with no DJing/music experience)

Length: A two-hour-long lesson with an expert tutor, followed by an optional one-hour long solo-practice time

Location: Available UK-wide

Features: Two hours of free studio credit

Ages: 14+ — contact us to book younger students

Cost: From £119.00 per person

Our expert tutors will teach you the basic skills that you need to become a DJ. By the end, you’ll have the tools and confidence to mix tunes together by yourself or with mates.

This course will be valuable to anyone with an interest in music and the world of clubbing and beyond. You don’t need any experience with music theory or DJing to take part.

Topics covered

Understanding the equipment

Get comfortable setting up and navigating club-standard Pioneer CDJs and DJM Mixers. We demystify all the essential kit and features you’ll need to start mixing.

Beats, bars and phrases

Learn the essential theory behind music structure that will teach you where to start a mix, how long a mix should take and when to end a mix.


The secret to DJing. You’ll learn how to synchronise the beats of two songs together so you can seamlessly and creatively transition between them.


Make your mixes as clean as the pros by learning how to use the EQ pots control low, mid and high frequency bands when beat-matching.

What to expect

  • Before
  • On the day
  • After
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Before the course

Once you've purchased the course (or redeemed a gift card), we'll send you a form to fill out with all your details — preferred time, date, location and genres. We'll then match you with the perfect tutor for your DJ experience.


Please note, orders can take up to 72 hours to process, so please book 3-4 days before your intended lesson.


The tutor will then email you to confirm dates and times.

To make sure you get the best out of your session it is essential that you bring:

— A pair of wired headphones
— A USB stick with some tunes to practice with. You can find tracks to purchase on sites like Beatport.

Pirate Studios Brighton & Hove exterior

On the day

Leave plenty of time to arrive at Pirate five minutes before your session starts. You'll find directions and door codes in the confirmation email, as well as a contact number.

On arrival, you'll be met by your tutor, who'll show you to the studio you're working in.

Wondering what to wear? Casual clothing is fine, we suggest you wear layers, because sometimes it can get cold, or warm up if you're in the zone.


After the course

Congratulations, you've completed it!

As with all new knowledge, implementation is crucial. We recommend you make time to get back in the studio within a week or so, to help strengthen your new skills. Like any other learning, you need to make a habit of it.

We’ll be sending you a feedback form and a code for your next studio booking after the session, so keep an eye on your inbox.


Too basic?

Learn faster?

Not sure?

Talk to our friendly team to find out which course is best for you.

Learn on the best

DJs will use industry-standard software including Rekordbox — take your DJ lessons on club-standard equipment, including Pioneer Nexus 2000s CDJs and DJM Mixers.

What our students say

Neil and I worked specifically on EQ and filtering during my session as I had always struggled to achieve smooth fadeouts in the mix. Nailed it.

Jack — Birmingham

I felt like I finally "got" how to DJ properly!

Emily — Leeds

I loved the lesson with Ronnie! He explained everything really clearly, was supportive and was a really fun class. He was super encouraging and well planned. I definitely want to do another lesson now.

Jacqui — Bristol

Why choose Pirate?

Our short courses allow you to experience a taste of the Pirate Studios environment and enjoy relaxed, real progression. Additionally, all Pirate Studios courses include:

Hands-on guidance

Our practical approach will help you strengthen your skills and build better habits, faster. A low pressure environment means you can ask any question you want.

Practice your skills

We give you two free hours of studio credit to use at after the course to strengthen your DJ knowledge and experience. We're open 24/7, so pop in whenever suits you.

Personal feedback

Our expert tutors have over 100 years of DJing between them, not too bad considering the CDJ was only released in 1993.

Online community

You'll have the opportunity to mingle online with other learners and tutors in a private space. Ask questions, share mixes, or offer advice.

Learn what you love

... or broaden your horizons. We teach everything from house to techno, drum and bass to ambient, breakbeat, dubstep, electronica, hip-hop, pop, rock, trance and more. It's your choice.

What is Pirate?

Pirate is a creative studio network and artist community. We provide professional, affordable spaces, education and performance opportunities for pro-practitioners, casual creatives, and everyone in between.

24/7 availability

As a member of Pirate, you have round the clock access to our dedicated DJ, production, rehearsal, podcast and dance studios.


We have hundreds of state of the art DJ and production studios across Great Britain, from Glasgow to Brighton and everything in between.


• Free car-parking
• High-speed WiFi
• Vending machines
• Kitchen facilities
• Air-conditioned rooms

Give the gift of music

Our gift cards make a flexible, creative gift for anyone. Choose from a range of denominations — they can be put towards any Academy course, masterclass or simply time in any Pirate studio.

Pirate benefits

Being part of the Pirate family gives you access to our online community to share your creations, tips and tricks. When you’re ready, you can also enter competitions to play gigs and festivals.

Meet your tutors

No wannabes here, each of the tutors at Pirate Studios is a vetted industry professional with a friendly, personal teaching style. Whether DJing or music production, we match you to the right specialist for your needs.

Not sure?

Talk to our friendly team to find out which course is best for you.

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